Çompany Vision

My company name is +PIECES OF EIGHT®+, also known as the Spanish dollar.  It is a silver coin that was minted in the Spanish Empire in 1497 and was used as currency.

CEO/Designer Thoughts and Company’s Vision: 
I have been involved in many facets of the jewelry World most of my life since my father got into the business and Revolutionized the jewelry Industry in 1980 as he opened the First Successful Jewelry Mart, and later several others Outside Of The Los Angeles and New York Jewelry Districts and since then I have focused closely to the details of the jewelry world.  I was Inspired to create these pieces by things in my life that amaze and intrigue me and this is what I pour into my creations.  The beauty in its natural state, as well as a finely crafted finished creation, was always fascinating to me.  Craftsmanship, energy and feel create a beautiful surrounding for my life.  This stems from the fact that the core of my being is music… through which I embrace from playing my guitar.  I love creating good things with pure emotion and vibe.  So, now I bring you these pieces fusing the music inside me with the sculptures in my mind.

Around 24 years ago….. I had a craving to create a certain type of jewelry that people can not only appreciate in its classic sense, but bring them to see it in a unique view of lifelike energy transformed from raw materials of the earth.  With my pieces, they become your friends as well as the pure beauty that is part of your lifestyle.  Every precious metal, material and gems that are used have their own meaning throughout the ages, as my characters have their own individual vibe.

My Love For Silver: 
As each metal has its own amazing qualities, my love for silver comes from the unique characteristics of the metal itself.  Silver is lighter weight than gold and platinum.  Its change of texture, shine and brilliance changes to the wear of the individual and becomes part of each person’s own body unlike any other precious metal.  Each stage of aging has its own excitement and style, like that of a fine liqueur.  Each piece is individually finished by hand.

Hope You Enjoy The Wonderful Strong Vibes As I Do.

Extras!!  Even though all my pieces are totally unique, they are available to be customized to your specific lifestyle.  I also do custom orders using precious and semi-precious stones that are set in platinum, yellow gold and rose gold to name a few options.  There is no limit to the imagination of our finely crafted pieces.

“See It. Live It. Be It.” ™
Yours truly,

John D. Chewoian – Owner/Designer