ÇÇ/JDÇ/Rølling Smøøth!

Johnny D. @ O'HARE AIRPORT In The Middle Of A Tour On A Quick Chill Chicago Dog Break!!

Chris Chaney(Bass Player) & JDC(C.C.W.®) In Studio Tracking Strong For The Latest Chocolate Covered World® Track Called - SHOW ME YOUR SKIN© - BASS AND MORE BASS ETC. - (YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY D. CHEWOIAN A.K.A. CHOCOLATE)

RICKSON GRACIE(Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu) & JOHNNY D. A.K.A. CHOCOLATE After A Intense Training Session. #REPRESENTING

Johnny D. Toasts To His S.O.B.©

Johnny D. A.K.A.CHOCOLATE! In His World, Pure Sweetness...

Rickson Gracie Wearing His Logo That Johnny D. & Rickson Designed Together And Is A Special P.O.E.® Design. (NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THIS TIME)

This Rickson Gracie Signed Magazine Cover Is A Johnny D. Favorite Inspirational Picture..

Johnny D. Chewoian & Mikeal Maglieri(Owner Of The Rainbow Bar And Grill/Whisky A Go Go) Celebrating His Daughters Wedding!! "What A Wonderful Moment.!!!" -JDC -(Pitcrew '88')

Owner And Business Entrepreneur Like No Other!!.. #PureClass LOUISE MOHN(Secret Circus) & Johnny D. Chewoian(P.O.E.®) Enjoying The Moments Somewhere In In L.A.

ANSHINDO 100th Year Anniversary!! Mr. Nagata (Owner) & Johnny D. In The Moment, Priceless $$

ÇÇ/JDÇ [:]* In The Moment W/His Crew.. Proudly Representing Secret Circus W/His T Shirt Sweetness... Pure Chocolate!!

Johnny D. A.K.A. Chocolate & Toby Skard (Artist/Bass Player/) Just Vibe'in @Morton's Steakhouse L.A.

Johnny D. Chewoian Owner Of Chocolate Covered World® Is Spreading The Sweet Vibes With This Free Wallpaper!! Rock Sweet Everyone!!

P.O.E.® Owner/Designer Johnny D. Chewoian A.K.A. Chocolate [;}* In Full Effect!! @ The Rainbow Bar And Grill Hollywood, CA. -(Pitcrew '88')

JDC(C.C.W.®) In The Recording Studio. From Left:Singer(Jeff Bieybuck) (John D. Chewoian/Owner/Guitar Player/Producer/Chocolate Covered World®) Drummer(Kenny Aronoff) Tracking Strong & Sweet!!!

Johnny D. Getting Ready To Roll With And Also Always Representing The Greatest RGJJ.

Johnny D. & Kenny Aronoff Chatt'in Music

Johnny D. Digg'in A Special Picture Of Himself, His Bro RICKSON GRACIE & RICKSONS Top Blackbelt From Brazil Having A Great Night At Morton's Steakhouse / L.A.

Johnny D. Rocking L.A. In Full Effect Chocolate Style...

Johnny D. Chewoian Owner/Designer/ P.O.E.® And His Rock & Roll Band (Chocolate Covered World®) With *New Singer* In Studio Now!! New Song Coming In August 2014

Johnny D. Doing What He Does Best With C.C.W.® @ The Viper Room

Johnny D. With His Rotty/Chief Of His Crew, "COCO THE PEARL" On There Way To The .925 Think Tank. -(Pitcrew '88')

Bass Player/Phil Soussan (Billy Idol/Ozzy/Vince Neil/ Big Noize Etc.) & Johnny D.(Chocolate Covered World®) Toasting To Great Things On New Years Eve!!

Slash Ready To Rock…(Wearing "IT." Wallet Chain) Chill'in With Johnny D. Backstage At The Tonight Show

Johnny D. "Create'in Chocolate One Drop At A Time" ™

Johnny D. Chill'in W/Bro's From The Islandz In The Midwest...

JDC & BONECRUSHER: Bling'in Loud And Proud - Las Vegas, NV.

Johnny D. On The Road...

ICE CREAM KRON GRACIE And JOHN D.(Chocolate Covered World®) Hanging Out On The Town...

Johnny D. [:}* In The Moment, Playing "MY ADDICTION." (His favorite Musical Creation)

Kenny Aronoff(Drummer) & Johnny D. Chill'in W/THE S.O.B.©

Johnny D. & Kenny Aronoff @ ANSHINDO P.O.E.® Exclusive Store

Johnny D. & Phil Soussan(Bass Player/Ozzy, Billy Idol, Vince Neil Etc. Now W/Big Noize)Rolling Strong...

Michael Anthony(Van Halen/Chickenfoot) & Johnny D. Knock'in Around The Skull Rings("IT")