Mrs. Hook Necklace


This is a little background on the inspiration for this piece, Mrs. Hook.  She is believed to be the infamous Anne Bonny, the most ruthless female pirate in history.  She was known to dress like a man in battle and was an expert with the pistol and cutlass.  She embraced life as a warrior and did things on her own terms.  With absolutely no fear, she ruled her world.  Anne Bonny was a woman ahead of her time and known as a hero to many.  The mighty hand represents her strength and battles that she has won.  The ball represents the power and respect she had by everyone around her.  Mrs. Hook is the 21st century hero of Anne Bonny.

“People Who Stare Deserve The Looks They Get.”
Malcolm Forbes

12 Hand & Ball Pieces Aprox. 29 ½ Inches In Length ‘*-*’.

Solid Sterling Silver .925


With any purchase you will receive a Official Black (Inscription Outside & Inside)
 + Pieces Of Eight +
 rubber bracelet & Guitar Pick(JDC

/Owner’s Favorite Pick Style He Uses On Stage W/P.O.E. Logo on 1 side and JDC Signature On The Other Side) FREE!! 


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