P.O.E./S.O.B. Classic Long Sleeve T-Shirt


This is the S.O.B. (Sounds Of A Beauty)™.  The excitement in his eyes, represents the beauty he takes in throughout our world.  His ear represents his love for music.  He is one of a kind.  This fine piece is a folklore, who is known for being a good spirit to everyone who has a good heart, until a situation angers him.  At this time, the S.O.B. becomes mischievous and is capable of anything, usually causing complete chaos and disaster!  So, as you are friends with him, you will be guided by him and will be watched…  ENJOY My S.O.B. –

Some thoughts from the S.O.B. *:}}

“Walking in the path of destruction, coming out with a smile” ™

“The sky is not the limit” ™

“Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.”

OFFICIAL P.O.E.® Long Sleeve S.O.B. T-Shirt *:}}

With any purchase you will receive a Official Black(Inscription Outside & Inside)
 + Pieces Of Eight +
 rubber bracelet FREE!!
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